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Meet Trevor

Trevor Crane is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and captivating speaker dedicated to helping individuals and businesses soar to new heights. Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Trevor's early life was marked by financial struggle. Determined to rebuild his family's fortune, he discovered that entrepreneurship was the path to success.

Throughout his journey, Trevor started his first business at a young age and embarked on a life-changing world tour. He achieved financial success and faced a $2.2 million bankruptcy. In 2011, he married his beloved Robyn Crane and went on to help clients generate over $13 million in profits. Trevor is also a prolific author, believing in the power of books to build credibility and leave a lasting legacy.

As a dynamic speaker, Trevor brings passion, humor, and energy to every stage, delivering world-class content in an engaging manner. He focuses on serving rather than selling, providing actionable steps for his audience.

Trevor's life is a testament to resilience, learning from failure, and making a difference in the world. When he's not working, he cherishes moments with his family, wife Robyn, daughter Phoenix, and loyal dog Moxie. In his quest to make a difference, Trevor continues to inspire and transform lives.

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Introducing Instant Authority — the ultimate guide to amplifying your experience, becoming a sought-after expert, and significantly increasing your income.

This book is designed to help you:

Build a powerful personal brand

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In this course, you'll learn powerful strategies to quickly build and enhance your online presence, transforming you into a recognized and respected authority in your niche.

We will guide you through the essential steps to develop a strong personal brand, create compelling content, and leverage social media and other online platforms effectively.

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Welcome to our exciting new course, "Instant Authority: Elevate Your Expertise Online." Whether you're an entrepreneur, a professional, or a content creator, establishing authority in your field is crucial to your success.

In today's digital age, it's not just about what you know but how you present and share your knowledge with the world.

What you will learn:

Building Your Personal Brand: Craft a unique and authentic brand that resonates with your target audience.

Social Media Strategies: Discover how to use social media platforms to amplify your message and connect with influencers and followers.

Networking and Collaboration: Learn how to build valuable relationships within your industry that can help you gain credibility and expand your reach.

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August 2024

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